What Residential Plumbing Services Do You Offer?

We offer an array of residential services. As a service plumber located in Vista, California, we understand the unique needs of the region. Seawater can have negative effects on your plumbing pipes over time, and we know the signs to look out for when diagnosing a plumbing issue.

Furthermore, unique situations like slab leaks are prevalent in Southern California since most of our homes are built on slabs. Not only are we experts at detecting slab leaks, we can also repair them efficiently so they do not drain your pockets. Here are some of the residential plumbing services we offer…

Water Line Service

First, water needs to enter your home in your plumbing system. This usually happens through a water main line followed by smaller water supply lines throughout the home.

We are experts at repairing water mains and water supply lines in North San Diego County. Some of the services we offer include:

  • PEX water line repiping
  • water main line repiping
  • water leak detection
  • water main line repair
  • copper water supply line repiping

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Faucets, Drains, and Appliances

Next, after the water enters your home, it runs through your faucets and appliances, and eventually finds its way down a drain. We offer full-service plumbing repairs and installations for all of your faucets, appliances, and drains.

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Some of the plumbing services we provide inside and outside of our customers homes include:

  • Faucet installation and repair

  • Garbage disposals, washing machines, clothes dryers, stoves, outdoor spigots, and more

  • Drain cleaning, slab leak detection and repair, and drain camera inspections

Sewer Lines & Pipes

Finally, your water and waste must exit your home through drain pipes and sewer lines. We also offer services that include sewer line repair, drain pipe unclogging and repair, and more.

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