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At Aqua Bear Plumbing & Drain, we know garbage disposals are a convenience of modern living. But, when a garbage disposal breaks down, you realize how much you miss it. We have years of experience repairing and installing garbage disposals. Contact us for any of your needs. Here are some tips to better manage your garbage disposal…

What to Avoid Putting Down Your Disposal

One of the most common problems with garbage disposal plumbing is that people will put things down them that shouldn’t be there. Here are some things you should never put down your garbage disposal:

• Large bones

• Greens, vegetables, or fruits with pits or seeds (like avocados)

• Paper products (like tissues and toilet paper)

• Greasy food scraps (like chicken bones)

• Stringy items like onion skins and celery leaves

Is It Better To Repair or Replace Your Garbage Disposal?

It’s always best to try and fix your garbage disposal before replacing it! A garbage disposal is an incredibly useful tool for your kitchen. It makes it easier to get rid of food waste and helps keep your sink clean. But what do you do when your garbage disposal stops working?

If you’ve ever had a problem with your garbage disposal, you’re not alone. In fact, many people are unsure about what to do when their garbage disposal stops working. Here’s some information on how to troubleshoot the problem and get it fixed!

First things first

If you have a dishwasher, make sure it isn’t clogged up! This can cause the water in your sink to back up and make it look like there’s nothing wrong with the disposal at all. To check this out, just turn off the circuit breaker for the dishwasher (you’ll need a screwdriver). If water stops backing up into your sink, then something in your dishwasher needs attention. If it doesn’t, then proceed to step two!


Check all of the piping under your sink to make sure nothing has become disconnected or damaged over time. You may need to call a plumber or handyman if this is the case; they’ll be able to fix any problems they find and give you an estimate for how much everything will cost before starting.


If you cannot repair your existing disposal, it might be worth considering replacing it for a new model. Make sure to hire a garbage disposal plumber in Vista or the surrounding areas who specializes in garbage disposal plumbing services.

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