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At Aqua Bear Plumbing & Drain, we know that gas line issues can be serious. If you smell gas at your home or business, it is important to call your utility gas emergency line immediately! Next, you might want to hire a gas line plumber…

When should you hire a gas line plumber?

If your gas line is leaking, it’s probably time to call in the pros. But if you just want to make sure that everything is working and safe, here are some other times when you might want to call a gas line plumber:

-Your pilot light keeps going out

-You’re having trouble lighting your pilot light

-You want to upgrade your appliances

-Your stove or furnace isn’t working properly, and you think it may be due to a problem with your gas line

-You have an older home with an outdated system

What Are Some Common Gas Line Problems?

Gas line problems can be a real pain.

Whether you’re in the middle of winter or summer, and whether you’re expecting guests for dinner or trying to get the kids to bed before their bedtime, gas line problems can really throw a wrench in your plans.

But don’t worry! We’re here to help! If you have a gas line issue and need it fixed ASAP, we’ve got the resources for you. Check out our list of common gas line problems below:

Low pressure

This is when the pressure in your system drops below normal levels, which means that your appliances are not getting enough gas to run properly. You can usually tell if this is happening by looking at your water heater and seeing if it’s making any noises or showing signs of wear—if so, then there’s probably something wrong with your gas line.

High pressure

This is when there’s too much pressure in your system, which can cause damage over time. One sign that you might have high pressure is if you notice bubbles coming from the faucets in your house—this could mean that there’s too much pressure coming through them.

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