Are chemical drain cleaners harmful?

Yes, they can be. Many drain cleaners contain highly toxic chemicals, which can be deadly. Additionally, cleaners can corrode your plumbing pipes over time, causing lasting damage.

How can I prevent clogged drains in my home?

You can prevent clogged drains by stopping hair, oils, grease, coffee grinds, pasta, or hard produce parts such as broccoli stalks, carrots, or apple cores from going entering the drain.

What is a sewer line inspection camera?

A sewer line inspection camera is a waterproof camera that makes it possible to inspect sewer lines and other underground pipes.

Can a plumbing camera be used to locate a blockage?

Yes. Our camera inspection technology can be used to locate the source of the blockage(s) and then we can repair or remove it!

Why is my faucet leaking under the sink?

There are two likely sources of leaks under the sink: Water supply connections that are loose or sink drain or P-trap connections that are loose.

Can you install an outdoor spigot?

Yes. We specialize in outdoor plumbing services including spigot installation.

What should you avoid putting down your garbage disposal?

Apple and potato peels, coffee grounds, large food scraps, and anything plastic or metal.

How can I clean my garbage disposal?

Using a small amount of dish soap in the disposal while allowing it to run for a few minutes helps to keep it clean.

Does gas smell like rotten eggs?

Yes. Natural gas itself is odorless, although a harmless chemical called methanethiol is added as a safety measure for detection of a leak.

Do you offer gas leak detection services?

Yes. If you think you have a gas leak, take all necessary safety precautions before calling a plumber.

When is a home repipe necessary?

If you see brown tinted water coming out of your sink and tub faucets or if the water is coming out of your sink and tub faucets at a lower pressure than usual, you might need a home repipe. Additionally, if you see rust spots or notice watermarks on your ceiling, these are all signs that your homes piping system has rusted all the way through or there is a faulty pipe in your home.

What do I do if roots are clogging my sewer drains?

Have a plumber run an inspection of the drains to find the roots clogging your sewer drains and eliminate the problem.

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