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We offer drain cleaning services in Vista and the surrounding North San Diego County coastal cities. Whether you have a drain clog, cracked drain pipe, or you don’t know what your problem might be, we can help you! Here is some good information on drain clogs and drain cleaning services.

What are typical causes of drain clogs?

The most common cause of drain clogs is food waste. To prevent this, make sure you’re disposing of your food properly. For example, if you have a garbage disposal, be sure to run it when you’re done with food so that all the bits and pieces are broken down into tiny particles. Also, make sure you don’t put large pieces of food down the sink—they’ll just get stuck in your pipes!

– Food waste that was not properly disposed of

– Hair that has fallen into the plumbing system

– Small toys or other items that are inserted into the drain

How can you prevent drain clogs at your home?

There are two ways to prevent drain clogs: installing a garbage disposal or cleaning out your drains regularly. If you don’t currently have a garbage disposal installed in your kitchen sink, it’s worth considering getting one installed—they’re inexpensive and very easy to use! Plus, they can save money in the long run by reducing the amount of trash that ends up in landfills.

If you want to clean out your drains yourself, be sure to do so at least once a month (or more often depending on how much traffic goes through them). You may also want to consider hiring an experienced plumber or professional drain cleaner if you find yourself dealing with a particularly stubborn clog.

-Never flush anything besides human waste, toilet paper, and feminine hygiene products.

-Always use cold water when washing dishes or clothes so they don’t get stuck in your pipes.

-Never pour grease down the drain—it will clog them up in no time!

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